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2023 – 95th FRA / 90th LAFRA National Convention

 95th National Convention Resolutions Synopsis by RPNW FAUBION

Article 3, Section 301. Eligibility for membership in the FRA shall be for ALL personnel who have served or are now serving in the United States Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard, including reserve components and regardless of length of services. Resolved:  That this amendment become effective January 1, 2024                                        APPROVED BY VOICE VOTE

Article 3, Section 311(e)(7). The Fleet Reserve Association will provide the fifty through seventy-five year continuous membership pins to branches and individuals at no cost; and Resolved:  that the above section  be amended to read: “The five through seventy-five year continuous membership pins will be made available for sale to branches and individuals; and be it further Resolved:  that Article 3, Section 311(8) be deleted.                                        APPROVED BY VOICE VOTE

Article 4, Section 401(a) and 401(b)(1)(2)(3): Sets dues rate;  
                                    RULED NOT IN ORDER

Article 4, Section 401(e), pertains to disabled members being excused from payment of dues when payment would inflict hardship; and Whereas , the definition of disabled has been widely interpreted by branches;                          RETURNED TO MEMBERSHIP FOR CLARIFICATION

Article 4, Section 401(m) states “Members in good standing, upon attaining eighty-five years of age and who have at least forty years’ continuous membership, shall not be required to pay dues in the FRA and shall be issue the prestigious Red, White, and Blue Membership Card”; Resolved, that Article 4, Section 401(m) be deleted, and those members already classified as 85/40 members will be grandfathered to maintain their current status. Resolved this amendment become effective January 1, 2024.   
                                  APPROVED BY VOICE VOTE

Article 4, Section 405(a) pertains to life membership fees will be based on the applicants age at 12/31 in the year of application using the following eight tier fee structure:  
                OLD RATES
Active Duty                   $400                Age 61-70                    $340
Under age 40               $450                Age 71-80                    $260
Age 41-50                      $425                Age 81-100                  $200
Age 51-60                      $390                Over 100                     Free
                                    NEW RATES
Resolved, that Article 4, Section 405(a-g) be amended to read as follows:
Under age 40     $600                Age 71-80                   $380
Age 41-50             $570                Age 81-90                   $260
Age 51-60             $535                Age 91-100                 $145
Age 61-70             $475
                Resolved that this amendment become effective January 1, 2024.
                                       APPROVED BY VOICE VOTE

Article 7, Section 701 pertains to vetting process of vacancies of National Officers
                                                     NOT IN ORDER

Article 8, Section 802 pertains to Duties of Officers and Committees.
                                                     NOT IN ORDER

FRA 2023-2024 National Officers
National President                                John Handzuk of Branch 126
National Vice President                       Maria Behm, of Branch 32
National Executive Director               Phillip Reid

2022-2023 Membership Recruiting Incentive Awards
John J. Casper, Branch 29, Bremerton, WA  –  13 REG Members  –  2 Pins + Gift
Kenneth D. Barrett, Branch 29, Bremerton, WA  –  4 REG Members  –  Pin
Rex L. Faubion, Branch 104, Puyallup, WA  –  4 LIF Members  –  Pin
Glenn D. Lacaman, Branch 154, Baguio City, PI  –  3 LIF Members – Pin

Gold Lapel Button Award
John Casper, Branch 29, Bremerton, WA

FRA Gold Ribbon Membership Award
Branch 29, Bremerton, WA
Branch 50, Honolulu, HI
Branch 74, Olongapo City, PI
Branch 154, Baguio City, PI
Branch 247, Dagupan City, PI

Veterans Service Committee Award
Group II – 1st Place – VAVS – Whidbey Island Branch 97, Oak Harbor, WA
Group II – 2nd Place – VSO – Whidbey Island Branch 97, Oak Harbor, WA
Group IV – 1st Place – VSO & VAVS – Gem State Branch 382, Nampa, ID
Group V  –  1st Place – VAVS – Inland Empire Branch 38, Spokane, WA