Jan 01

2018 National and Regional Convention Information posted

NW Regional Convention will be hosted by Gem State Branch and Unit #382, Boise, ID on August 17-18, at the Riverside Hotel in Boise. Convention flyer and more information can be found on the Conventions Menu Tab.

Additionally, the 2018 FRA/LAFRA National Convention will be held in San Antonio, TX on September 23rd – 30th, at the Omni San Antonio at the Colonnade. The convention is hosted by the FRA/LAFRA National Committee.

Nov 09

2017 National FRA/LAFRA Convention Highlights

A short Synopsis of the C&BL issues brought to the delegates of the National Convention this year:

C&BL Resolution No. 1: – Whether to add the Army and Air Force enlisted veterans as eligible to join the FRA was not passed, it was ruled “not in order”.

C&BL Resolution No. 2: – To delete Article 3, Section 301(b) and renumber Article 3, Section (c) to Article 3, Section (b).  (This resolution was amended at the 2016 FRA Convention, but it failed to renumber the Article correctly.  It had to do with Personnel discharged by reason of Bad Conduct or Dishonorable discharge that are not eligible for FRA membership.  It was passed by the delegates.

C&BL Resolution No. 3: – To amend Article 3, Section 311 (e)(1) regarding continuous membership recomputation (like they do PEBD or BASD) to allow for adjusted continuous membership.  It was rejected soundly.

The issue of the Northwest Region merging with the West Coast to save the Northwest Region Auxiliary: – It was discussed at the Pre-NBOD meeting and they decided to wait and see what happened at the LAFRA Convention, i.e. to see if they were able to come up with a slate of officers for the Northwest Auxiliary.  At the Post-NBOD, the new National President, Bill Starkey, stated for the record that it was an Auxiliary issue and not a FRA Issue.  That means it was dismissed as an issue at this time.  But, it is my opinion now as JrPRPNW, that this issue will resurface in the future.

In Loyalty, Protection, and Service
JrPRPNW Peg Burke

Apr 27

2017 Northwest Regional Convention

Please make your reservations at the Emerald Queen Casino in Fife, WA for the Northwest Regional Convention August 25-27, 2017.  Information to do so can be found under the Conventions tab.  Come meet your fellow Shipmates from other Branches and have a good time!

Apr 27

2016-17 Americanism-Patriotism National Essay Contest Winners

The listing of the Northwest Regional Winners is listed under the Committees tab under Americanism-Patriotism.  Below are the National Winners by grades:

Overall Winner:  Julia Dahlke, Branch 070, Southwest Region

Grade 7 Winners:
1st Place          Emma Richards, Branch 55, Northwest Region
2nd Place         Jonathan Lustig, Branch 226, Northeast/New England Region
3rd Place          Ediardo Florez, Branch 126, Southeast Region

Grade 8 Winners:
1st Place          Mandy Yang, Branch 175, Southwest Region
2nd Place         Kharley Emma Redmon, Branch 105, North Central Region
3rd Place          Hannah Frost, Branch 275, West Coast Region

Grade 9 Winners:
1st Place          Olivia J. Hayes, Branch 099, East Coast Region
2nd Place         Cavan McIntyre-Brewer, Branch 106, Northeast/New England Region
3rd Place          Leah Schemenauer, Branch 137, West Coast Region

Grade 10 Winners:
1st Place          Macey Deruelle, Branch 275, West Coast Region
2nd Place         Rachel Butler, Branch 044, Southeast Region
3rd Place          Mathew Vu, Branch 175, Southwest Region

Grade 11 Winners:
1st Place          Julia Dahlke, Branch 070, Southwest Region
2nd Place         Vinh Ton, Branch 201, South Central Region
3rd Place          Savannah Olsson, Branch 091, Southeast Region

Grade 12 Winners:
1st Place          Riley Dodson, Branch 364, North Central Region
2nd Place         Taryn P. Murphy, Branch 047, Southwest Region
3rd Place          Adam Skelton, Branch 342, Northwest Region

Feb 20

2017 Northwest Regional and 2017 National FRA/LAFRA Conventions

New information has been posted under the Conventions tab.  See the attached flyers for more information.

Feb 07

Northwest Regional Newsletter

Please see the tab Publications to read the latest newsletter issued February 7, 2017.

NWR Newsletter #1 2016-2017

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