2019-2020 National Essay Contest Winners

OVERALL WINNER: Taylor Smith, Branch 038, Northwest Region

Grade 7 Winners
1st Place: Garrett Ham, Branch 251, South Central Region
2nd Place: Carson Stokes, Branch 099, East Coast Region
3rd Place: Rebecca Souza, Branch 287, West Coast Region

Grade 8 Winners
1st Place: Maddie Mahon, Branch 197, West Coast Region
2nd Place: Riley Parker, Branch 293, East Coast Region
3rd Place: Allie Stover, Branch 294, Southeast Region

Grade 9 Winners
1st Place: Ryan Chan, Branch 101, West Coast Region
2nd Place: Natalie Fibelkorn, Branch 044, Southeast Region
3rd Place: Zachary Miranda, Branch 070, Southwest Region

Grade 10 Winners
1st Place: Logan Mathews, Branch 316, North Central Region
2nd Place: Brooke Williams, Branch 070, Southwest Region
3rd Place: Christina Frank, Branch 269, Southeast Region

Grade 11 Winners
1st Place: Jordan Alexis Mapp, Branch 269, Southeast Region
2nd Place: Ronnie Franklin, Branch 006, East Coast Region
3rd Place: Samuel Rowley, Branch 185, West Coast Region

Grade 12 Winners
1st Place: Taylor Smith, Branch 038, Northwest Region
2nd Place: Payce Rohrer, Branch 217, East Coast Region
3rd Place: Ghisel Escalona, Branch 113, West Coast Region

NW Regional Website Updates

The regional website has been updated in the following tabs:
Convention tab.

2020 Conventions

Information in the conventions tab has been updated for the NW Region and the FRA/LAFRA National Conventions for 2020. The electronic link for making online reservations for the National Convention is now posted to this website.

2018-19 NW Region Essay Contest

Check out the Americanism-Patriotism Committee update under the Committee’s tab. A complete list of the winners is posted in this tab.

60 Years Continuous Membership

Shipmate Ed Spears of San Miguel, Philippines Branch 367 receives his 60-year continuous membership certificate from Branch President Lee Vatter.  Congratulations Shipmate Spears!

PNChap Bill Hall Elected Regional President

NWR Convention News


At the recent NW Regional Convention in Boise Idaho, Gem State Branch #382 President, PNChap Bill Hall was elected to be the NW Regional President for the 2018-19 Association year. Shipmate Bill was ceremoniously installed by FRA Past National President John Ippert. The full installation will occur at the FRA National Convention next month in San Antonio, Texas.

Additionally, S/M Scott Dudley, Whidbey Island Branch #97 vice-president was elected as the NW Regional Vice-President for the 2018-19 Association year and PRPNW Peg Burke of Inland Empire Br#38 was elected for a three-year term as Regional Secretary/Treasurer. Both Shipmates were sworn in and installed by PNP Ippert as well.

Shipmate Burke replaces PRPNW Hazel Bettancourt of Gem State Branch #382 who has served as the NW Regional Secretary/Treasurer since 2012.

The Ladies Auxiliary elected Gem State Unit #382 Secretary Rose Hall as NW Regional President-elect, and was ceremoniously installed by LAFRA National President Jean Smith. LAFRA PRPNW Marjorie Ippert assumed the duties as RVPNW. 

In other news, Seattle Branch #18 has been selected as the host of the 2019 NW Regional Convention. Location and dates will be announced after the 2018 FRA National Convention.