Support The 2024 FRA Centennial Celebration



I’m excited to offer you an opportunity to be part of this fundraising event supporting FRA’s 2024 Centennial Celebration.

The Centennial Calendar Set includes a monthly planner embossed with the FRA centennial logo, plus a pocket calendar displaying the nation’s greatest symbol of freedom – The American Eagle.

You might consider ordering extra sets to use as part of a local recruiting campaign or to give to family and friends.

Additionally, please consider including a separate donation that will be used exclusively to make our Centennial Celebration a true “once-in-a-lifetime” occasion.

We look forward to celebrating this special day with you on November 11, 2024.

The order form can be found HERE.

  Yours in Loyalty, Protection and Service,
Phillip Reid, National Executive Director and Advisor
to the 2024 Centennial Committee

2024 NW Regional Convention


We need some of the branches to step up and consider holding a regional Convention. The way it stands right now we have the next one in Spokane Summer of 2022. To follow that we are lined up for Boise for Summer of 2023.

A regional Convention is not really that hard. Take a little planning and if you have question there are Shipmates out there that have been involved and are more than willing to give you answers to any question you may have.

If your branch my be willing to hold one let me know. Call me at 253 770 5935 and we can talk about what you may need.  You can also send me a email at with your questions, concerns.

Summer of 2024 would be an ideal time for someone to host the convention. It’s the 100th anniversary of the Association. So talk it  over with your branch members and get the ball rolling. It will be here before we know it.

MW “John” Johnson
Past National President

Photos from the 2015 NW Regional Convention

NW Regional Convention

NW Regional Convention

Here are photos from the 2015 Regional Convention held Sep 10-11 in Lynnwood, WA hosted by Seattle Branch and Unit #18. Photos courtesy of PRPNW Pete Lazzaretti

Everett Unit #170 re-established

Branch Unit News

Branch Unit News

On Friday April 3rd LAFRA Regional President NW Lauren Wynn (Honolulu Unit #46), National Presient Doris Fri (Mo-Kan Unit #161), and Regional Vice-President NW DyAnne Tryon (Seattle Unit #18) initiated, installed and Instituted Everett LAFRA Unit #170 after being dormant for the last 20 years. In attendance to witness the ceremonies were two of the original members of Unit #170, now members of Unit #18, and various shipmates from Branch #170 and the NW Region.

Everett Branch #170’s President Ron Belz spoke to the attendees about how much that the Auxiliary Members worked together to re-establish the unit after LAFRA PNP Gini Larson challenged them during the 2012 NW Regional Convention in Everett. PRPNW Marion Dent-Hoglund added her thoughts as well.

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Unit/Branch Transitions – March 2015

Branch Unit News

Branch Unit News

We have good news and bads news for the Northwest Region in this quarter’s status of NW Branches and Units.

First the good news. LAFRA National President Doris Fri (Mo-Kan Unit #161) and LAFRA RPNW Lauren Wynn will be re-establishing Everett Unit #170 on April 3rd. Installation of officers and initiation of news members of the unit will happen starting at 1600 in the Branch #170 home.

All Shipmates and Auxiliary members are cordially invited to attend. The Branch #170 home is located at 6802 Beverly Blvd, Everett, WA 98203.


And now for the bad news, RPNW Mike Archer accepted the surrender of Lower Columbia Branch and Unit #363, Longview, WA at the beginning of March. The NBOD voted and accepted the surrender in NBR 21-15. Members of the branch were given until March 31st to either transfer their membership to another branch or the MAL list.

With the surrender of Branch #363’s charter, the number of branches left in the region is now 29 spread over Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Alaska, Hawaii, Japan, Guam, and the Philippines.