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Budget, Finance, and Audit

PRPNW Tom Flanik Bellingham Branch #245 1998-99
Chairman: PRPNW Tom Flanik
          Gem State Branch #382
          15686 Cumulus Way
          Caldwell, ID 83607-5159
          (208) 455-8100

The NW Regional Budget and Finance Committee bylaws are:

NWR Standing Rules, 10/14 edition
The Regional Chairman and committee on Budget and Finance, prior to each Regional Convention, shall audit the regional accounts maintained by the Regional Treasurer and report the results of the audit to the Regional President at each convention with a copy to the Regional Secretary. The committee shall annually review the income and expenditures for the regional accounts and recommend appropriate adjustments in the per capita tax. A minimum of three (3) members shall be appointed.
SR-2(d)1. The Budget and Finance Committee, working with the Regional Treasurer, shall also be responsible for proposing and submitting the annual budget to the assembled delegates at the Regional Convention.

SR-4(b)2. Funds of the Northwest Region Treasury shall be deposited in accounts in a federally insured depository recommended by the Regional Secretary/Treasurer and approved by the Budget and Finance Committee and the Regional President.

Budget & Finance Committee:

PRPNW Jerry Jordan
Seattle Branch #18