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Hospital, Welfare, & Rehabilitation

S/M Michelle Davis Inland Empire Branch #038 4205 S. Helena Spokane, WA 99203-4308 HOME: 509-448-3163 medavis@q.com

S/M Michelle Davis
Inland Empire Br #038
4205 S. Helena
Spokane, WA 99203
HOME: 509-448-3163

The Following FRA C&BLs apply:

Section 816. Duties of the National Committee on Hospitals, Welfare, and Rehabilitation

Section 816(a). Committee appointed by the National President; it shall be its duty to foster and maintain good relations between the Fleet Reserve Association and the hospitals, to extend praise and commendation to those units that have rendered outstanding service, and to investigate allegations that shipmates and dependents are not receiving full benefits of existing laws and regulations.

Section 816(b). It shall solicit the cooperation of branch chairmen of this committee and instill in them the importance of this committee at the branch level.

Section 816(c). When the need for welfare assistance comes to the attention of the chairman, he/she shall immediately notify the respective regional president for referral to the Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation
chairman for action in accordance with the applicable standing rule, Fleet Reserve Association Disaster Relief Fund.