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Regional Credentials

Chairman: S/M Anna Martin
          Inland Empire Branch 038
          2406 S. University Rd
          Spokane Valley, WA  99206-5658
          (509) 891-6362

Regional Convention Delegate Form

The Following Regional Standing Rules apply:

SR-1(e)1. The Regional President shall make the following regional appointments: Parliamentarian, Chaplain and Convention Credentials Chairman.

SR-3(e). The Regional President shall make the following appointments. (RSR-1(e)1):

Credentials Chairman.

The Regional President shall notify the Convention Chairman of these appointments not less than 180 days prior to the date of the convention.


SR-3(f). Each branch shall prepare the standard credentials form, listing duly elected delegates and/or proxy delegates, And shall forward a copy signed by the Branch President and Secretary to each of the following:

  1. Regional President
  2. Regional Secretary/Treasurer
  3. Regional Credentials Chairman
  4. Convention Chairman
  5. Delegate Chairman
  6. Branch files

SR-3(f)1. The number of votes to which each branch is entitled at a Regional Convention shall be the same as that to which the branch is entitled at the National Convention as shown on the 31 March report each year in accordance with Section 607(a), C&BL.

SR-3(f)2. The word ‘delegate’ as used herein shall be considered as embracing delegates, proxies and alternates when substituting for an accredited delegate.


SR-3(g). Each branch shall be entitled to the number of delegates to which it is entitled. The total accredited vote for each branch may be cast by its attending delegates or proxy in absence of a full representation.

SR-3(g)1. When instructed by his branch to vote in accordance with the UNIT RULE or other such rule as may be adopted for this specific occasion by the branch, the vote reported by the Branch Chairman shall be reported in accordance with such rule and the vote of no delegate shall be reported otherwise its being assumed that, in accepting delegation, he agreed to abide by such rule.

SR-3(g)2. When not instructed by the branch, the vote of the branch shall be in accordance with the majority of the accredited delegates present and voting; in such case, the vote for the branch may be as a unit or it may be prorated, but in such case no delegate may be deprived of his one (1) vote. No fractional votes will be allowed.

SR-3(g)3. Any branch may designate a Proxy Delegate for the purpose of representing that branch at a Regional Convention in the absence of an accredited delegate/delegation. Such proxy delegate shall furnish a letter, signed by the Branch President and Secretary, setting forth the vote to which the branch is entitled and instructions for casting such vote. The original of this letter shall be presented to the Regional Credentials Chairman prior to the first report of his committee.

SR-3(h). A quorum shall be declared to exist at a Regional Convention when two-thirds (2/3) of the authorized voting strength of the branches of the Northwest Region is represented a delegate or proxy. In computing the voting strength of the convention to determine a quorum, the votes of any branch outside the United States will not be used unless a delegate from such branch is present or the branch is represented by proxy.

SR-3(i). Every member of the Fleet Reserve Association shall have access to the regular sessions of the convention, but shall have no vote or privilege of the floor unless as an accredited delegate, excepting that a National Officer or Past National Officer may have the privilege of the floor but no vote.

SR-3(j). The order of business at a Regional Convention shall be, insofar as practical, the order of business at the National Convention of the Fleet Reserve Association as outlined in Article 6, C&BL and SR-4.

SR-3(k). Voting for the election of Regional Officers shall be by roll call vote, with a simple majority to elect. In the event that three or more candidates for the same office are on the ballot and no candidate receives a majority of the votes cast, the candidate receiving the lowest number of votes after the second ballot will be eliminated unless he or she has shown a gain after each subsequent ballot. This method will be followed after each subsequent ballot. SR-4(w).

SR-3(l). On a roll call vote at the Regional Convention, voting shall be conducted according to the numerical order of the branches in even years and reverse numerical order of the branches in odd years. There shall be no passing. The chairman or acting chairman of the branch delegation shall announce the vote of the branch or relinquish the right to vote when the branch has been called three (3) time. SR-4(n)(o).

SR-4(g). The Regional President shall pay from the Regional Treasury, the cost of a double room for two (2) nights at the Mid-Year and Regional Conventions for the following:

Regional President
Regional Vice President
Regional Secretary/Treasurer
Regional Credentials Chairman