Support The 2024 FRA Centennial Celebration



I’m excited to offer you an opportunity to be part of this fundraising event supporting FRA’s 2024 Centennial Celebration.

The Centennial Calendar Set includes a monthly planner embossed with the FRA centennial logo, plus a pocket calendar displaying the nation’s greatest symbol of freedom – The American Eagle.

You might consider ordering extra sets to use as part of a local recruiting campaign or to give to family and friends.

Additionally, please consider including a separate donation that will be used exclusively to make our Centennial Celebration a true “once-in-a-lifetime” occasion.

We look forward to celebrating this special day with you on November 11, 2024.

The order form can be found HERE.

  Yours in Loyalty, Protection and Service,
Phillip Reid, National Executive Director and Advisor
to the 2024 Centennial Committee