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2019-2020 National Essay Contest Winners

OVERALL WINNER: Taylor Smith, Branch 038, Northwest Region Grade 7 Winners 1st Place: Garrett Ham, Branch 251, South Central Region 2nd Place: Carson Stokes, Branch 099, East Coast Region3rd Place: Rebecca Souza, Branch 287, West Coast Region Grade 8 Winners1st Place: Maddie Mahon, Branch 197, West Coast Region2nd Place: Riley Parker, Branch 293, East Coast …

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NW Regional Website Updates

The regional website has been updated in the following tabs: Convention tab.

2020 Conventions

Information in the conventions tab has been updated for the NW Region and the FRA/LAFRA National Conventions for 2020. The electronic link for making online reservations for the National Convention is now posted to this website.

2018-19 NW Region Essay Contest

Check out the Americanism-Patriotism Committee update under the Committee’s tab. A complete list of the winners is posted in this tab.

60 Years Continuous Membership

Shipmate Ed Spears of San Miguel, Philippines Branch 367 receives his 60-year continuous membership certificate from Branch President Lee Vatter.  Congratulations Shipmate Spears!

2017 National FRA/LAFRA Convention Highlights

A short Synopsis of the C&BL issues brought to the delegates of the National Convention this year: C&BL Resolution No. 1: – Whether to add the Army and Air Force enlisted veterans as eligible to join the FRA was not passed, it was ruled “not in order”. C&BL Resolution No. 2: – To delete Article …

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