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Veterans Day Roundup from around the Region

Here is an overview of some of the Veterans day activities from around the region this year including, multiple Veterans Day Parades, many dedications and a lot of ceremonies. Mt Rainier Branch #104 participated in the annual Auburn Veterans Day Parade, and PRPNW Pete Lazzaretti (Seattle Branch #18) was there in the parade with the …

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Branch/Unit #154 particpate in 4th of July Events in Baguio, PI

4th of July FIL-AM Friendship Day Celebration

Baguio Liberation Day 68th Anniversary

Baguio Branch #154 Vice President Mel Tagudar and LAFRA UNit #154 President Filipinas Ramones participate in the annual Baguio Liberation Day ceremony.

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FRA Branch 154 pictures taken during Branch participation in the Celebration of  Baguio Foundation Day Parade on Sept. 1, 2012.

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