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Annual Reports Due

Shipmates, the following are reports due: 1. Annual Report of Branch Officers: Ensure it is signed! Copy to RP, RVP, and National FRA HQ. Forms are found on FRA website (ww.fra.org) under Membership/Officer Resources. It is called Branch Officers Report Form. 2. Regional Delegate Credentials Form: Ensure it is signed! List the RP and the …

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Bremerton Branch #29 participates in Wreaths across America

RPNW Holloway tours Portland Sea Scout Base

Back in May, RPNW Dan Holloway got a chance to tour the Portland Sea Scout Base with members of City of Roses Branch #55, Portland, Oregon. Branch #55 has been a long term sponsor of the base and Ship Crew #601. [Show thumbnails]

Boise Shipmate named FRA National Chaplain

Shipmate William Hall of Meridan, ID was named FRA National Chaplain by NP John Ippert. NChap Hall is a member of Gem State FRA Branch #382, Boise ID. The position of National Chaplain is one of two annual appointed positions made by the National President. The FRA CB&L Chapter 8, Section 803(g) reads as follows: …

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Bremerton Branch #29 Participates in “Unforgotten Run to Tahoma 2014”

Branch 29 President Michelle Hodges (right) accepts a streamer presented by Kitsap County Commissioner Charlotte Garrido.  The streamer is recognition for Branch 29’s participation in the 2014 “The Unforgotten, Run to Tahoma” that took place on May 24, 2014.  The event remembers deceased Kitsap County veterans whose remains went unclaimed at the coroner’s office.  Following …

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FRA NewsBytes August 1, 2014

In this issue: Ask Your Senators to Oppose Pharmacy Co-pays Increases and Pay Cuts Bi-partisan VA Reform Agreement Senate Confirms New VA Secretary Keep Informed with FRA’s Mobile App Part 2  

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