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Regional Credentials Chairman PRPNW Dan Holloway

Shipmates, PRPNW Dan Holloway is the Regional Credentials Chairman. Please send him a copy of your Regional and National Convention Delegate Credentials Forms. His address is as follows: Dan Holloway, PRPNW 2544 W Sheryl St Meridian, ID 83642-4313 Phone: (208) 888-1196 E-mail: deholloway@q.com

Regional Americanism-Patriotism Committee Chair change

Shipmates, Effective immediately, RVP Mark Thompson is the Regional Americanism-Patriotism Committee Chairman. Copies of your Annual Branch Committee Report should be sent to him 30 days prior to the Regional Convention. Or, you can e-mail him or call him for other arrangements: Mark W. Thompson Regional Vice President, Northwest, FRA 8414 S. 120th St. Seattle, …

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Annual Reports Due

Shipmates, the following are reports due: 1. Annual Report of Branch Officers: Ensure it is signed! Copy to RP, RVP, and National FRA HQ. Forms are found on FRA website (ww.fra.org) under Membership/Officer Resources. It is called Branch Officers Report Form. 2. Regional Delegate Credentials Form: Ensure it is signed! List the RP and the …

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Mailing Address for NW Regional Vice-President

Shipmates, Copies of your Annual Report of Branch Officers and your Delegate Credentials Forms (Regional and National) should also be sent to the RVP: Mark W. Thompson Regional Vice President, Northwest, FRA 8414 S. 120th St. Seattle, WA 98178-4518

Branch Visitation Schedule for RPNW Wynn

December 14-16 Harrington Clemmons Branch 342 in Anchorage, Alaska January 9 Jan: Seattle Br#018 11 Jan: Mt. Rainier Br#104, Puyallup 12 Jan: Bellingham B#r245 13 Jan: Everett Br#170 14 Jan: Bremerton Br#029 15 Jan: Whidbey Island Br#097