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Oct 02

FRA NewsBytes October 2 2015

In this issue: NDAA Includes Drastic Retirement Changes, Co-pay Increases, and More CR Passes to Keeps Government Open Gold Star Hiring Preference Made Gender-Neutral SVAC Reviews Veteran Toxic Exposure

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Sep 11

FRA NewsBytes September 11 2015

In this issue: Beware of TRICARE Mail Scam Annual TRICARE Enrollment Fee Adjustment Military Families need to give DEERS Social Security Numbers or Pay IRS Fine 911 Anniversary

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Aug 21

FRA NewsBytes August 21, 2015

In this issue: Rep. Walz Pushes to Extend Benefits for Agent Orange Shipmates have Spoken on Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act Funding VA May Compensate for Illnesses Linked to Contaminated Water at Lejeune NDAA Showdown Social Security Pay Bump for Active Duty Time

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Jul 31

FRA NewsBytes July 31, 2015

In this issue: FRA NED Meets with White House Staff on Agent Orange/Blue Water Navy Issue NDAA Stalls in Conference Committee over Pharmacy Co-pays House Passes VA Employment Reform 62nd Anniversary of Korean War Armistice

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Jul 20

FRA NewsBytes July 20, 2015

In this issue: FRA Weighs In on NDAA Provisions Military Suicides Reduced in First Quarter of 2015 Veterans ID Card Bill to Help Reduce Identity Thief Sent to President New, Stricter Military Lender Rules Coming Soon

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Jun 19

FRA NewsBytes June 19 2015

In this issue: Senate Passes NDAA Despite Spending Controversy Agent Orange Presumption Expanded, but Not for Blue Water Navy Veterans FRA Meets with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Others Dual BAH on the Chopping Block VA Drops Net Worth in Determining Eligibility

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