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Jun 24

Annual Reports Due

Shipmates, the following are reports due: 1. Annual Report of Branch Officers: Ensure it is signed! Copy to RP, RVP, and National FRA HQ. Forms are found on FRA website (ww.fra.org) under Membership/Officer Resources. It is called Branch Officers Report Form. 2. Regional Delegate Credentials Form: Ensure it is signed! List the RP and the …

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Jun 24

Mailing Address for NW Regional Vice-President

Shipmates, Copies of your Annual Report of Branch Officers and your Delegate Credentials Forms (Regional and National) should also be sent to the RVP: Mark W. Thompson Regional Vice President, Northwest, FRA 8414 S. 120th St. Seattle, WA 98178-4518

Nov 28

Branch Visitation Schedule for RPNW Wynn

December 14-16 Harrington Clemmons Branch 342 in Anchorage, Alaska January 9 Jan: Seattle Br#018 11 Jan: Mt. Rainier Br#104, Puyallup 12 Jan: Bellingham B#r245 13 Jan: Everett Br#170 14 Jan: Bremerton Br#029 15 Jan: Whidbey Island Br#097

Apr 22

FRA Storms Capitol Hill

Members of FRA’s National Board of Directors (NBOD), many Regional Vice Presidents, and other Association leaders brought the enlisted perspective to Capitol Hill this week as they visited their respective elected officials in Washington, D.C. These shipmates shared the Association’s position on priority legislative issues with their senators and representatives, asking them to oppose the …

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Nov 20

RPNW Holloway tours Portland Sea Scout Base

Back in May, RPNW Dan Holloway got a chance to tour the Portland Sea Scout Base with members of City of Roses Branch #55, Portland, Oregon. Branch #55 has been a long term sponsor of the base and Ship Crew #601. [Show thumbnails]

Oct 18

New NW Regional Presidents installed at FRA/LAFRA National Convention

Corpus Christi – Shipmate Mike Archer of Wyoming FRA Branch #59, Cheyenne, WY and Auxiliary Member Lauren Wynn of Honolulu/Pearl Harbor Unit #46 were installed as the Northwest Regional Presidents for the 2014-15 Association year.   Shipmate RPNW Mike Archer is a founding member of Branch #59 and is a retired MCPO. He currently works …

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