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Help Support Key Senate Amendments Impacting Pay and Benefits!

Support Amendments to Senate NDAA (S. 2410) Take Action! Support Key Amendments to Improve Pay & Benefits The Senate version National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA-S. 2410) has been approved by committee and is awaiting action on the Senate floor. Hundreds of Senate floor amendments have been filed, but only a few impact pay and benefits. Please …

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Stop Pharmacy Co-pay Increases and Pay Cuts!

Contact your Senators while they are home on August Recess  Contact your Sentator here!!! Congress has adjourned for its traditional August recess until September 8, 2014. The Senate was unable to pass its version of the FY 2015 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) before leaving town. The bill (S. 2410), approved by committee and awaiting …

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