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Bremerton Branch #29 participates in Wreaths across America

No FRA Newsbytes this week

With FRA National Headquarters closed for the Christmas Holiday, there is no FRA Newsbytes to be published this week. The next edition is scheduled for January 9th. #Newsbytes, #HappyHolidays, #FRANHQ, #FRANWR

Christmas Greetings

To all of our shipmates all over the world and throughout the NW Region, we would like to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Seasons Greetings and a Happy Holidays. Please remember those who are deployed on the sea, under the sea, in the air, and on the ground. #MerryChristmas, …

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FRA NewsBytes December 19, 2014

In this issue: 113th Congress Sees Increase in Action Center Usage Senate Derails Military Suicide Prevention Bill but Passes TBI Improvements Fewer Veterans Starting Small Businesses FRA Headquarters Holiday Closures

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FRA NewsBytes December 12, 2014

In this issue: Last Minute Budget Deal with Expanded VA Advanced Funding Moves Forward NDAA Update House Panel Discusses Expanding VA Caregiver Program

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FRA NewsBytes December 5, 2014

In this issue: Compromise on 2015 NDAA and 2015 CG Authorization SecDef Resigns and is Replaced by Former DoD Employee Federal Spending Bill

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