Branches from the NW Region Clean up at National Convention in Kansas City

The following awards were given for the 2010-11 Association year. Congratulations to the winners.

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RPNW Lazzaretti joins National Board of Directors in Kansas City

Saturday, October 29th
RPNW(e) Pete Lazzaretti took the oath of office for Regional President, Northwest and joined the National Board of Directors.

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NW Regional Convention for 2012 Announced

PRPNW Tom Flanik, regional Time & Place Chairman announced that the 2012 NW Regional Convention will be held September 14-16 in Everett, WA and sponsored by Everett Branch #170. More information will be forthcoming.

Results from the 2011 NW Regional Convention

This years convention in Boise was decently attended by Shipmates from Branches #18-Seattle, #29-Bremerton, #38-Spokane, #46-Honolulu, #59-Cheyenne, #97-Whidbey Island, #104-Tacoma, #170-Everett, #174-Olympic Peninsula, #328-Roseburg, and #382-Boise.

Also in attendance was NP Jim Scarbo, Branch#40-Chesapeake, VA, NVP Jeff Gilmartin, Branch#207-Potomac Region, and 2011-12 NVP Candidate RPRSE Mark Kilgore, Branch #22-Pensacola, FL.

Elected to represent the NW Region for 2011-12 is RPNW(elect) Pete Lazzaretti, Mt. Rainier Branch #104, Tacoma, and RVPNW Peg Burke, Inland Empire Branch #38, Spokane.

The PRPNW Advisory Council is being reformed and all PRPNW will be receiving either an email, or a letter requesting their input.

Photos will be posted once they are received.

Shipmate Jim Jones of Branch 151 recieves Andrus Award for Community Service

Shipmate Jim Jones of Eugene Oregon Branch #151 has received the 2011 Andrus Award for Community Service.

Way to go Shipmate!!

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RP Bettencourt & RVP Lazzaretti attend Midyear Board Meeting

Regional President NW Hazel Bettencourt (Br#382, Boise), and Regional V. President Pete Lazzaretti (Br#104, Tacoma) attended the National Midyear Association board meeting held this last week in Alexandria, VA.

The trip included the annual visits to Capitol Hill.