Letter from NVP John Ippert to the NW Region

NVP John Ippert Honolulu/Pearl Harbor Branch  #46 RPNW 2006-07 National VP 2013-14

NVP John Ippert
Honolulu/Pearl Harbor
Branch #46
RPNW 2006-07
National VP 2013-14

Shipmates of the Northwest Region, aloha!! First and foremost I want to thank each and every one of you that supported me during my campaign. I’ll try not to get mushy, but you guys are the best. From the nomination from the floor given by PNP John Johnson, to the final tally at the convention, the people I could rely on the most was you guys. I certainly could not havedone it without you. The victory is yours.

Last month I spent a week at headquarters in Alexandria, VA to meet with the NHQ staff and get my bearings regarding how things work. Among the items discussed were: Accounting Processes, Staff functions and internal controls, investments, Trust Funds, endorsed insurance programs, NHQ IT issues, NHQ Health Insurance and Benefits and many other subjects. It was a very informative meeting that resulted in a strong working relationship with the NHQ Staff. Additionally NP Virgil Courneya and I attended PNP Robert L. Bastian’s funeral at Arlington National Cemetery. It was a moving event with over 100 friends and family in attendance.

Next month I will participate in the Pearl Harbor Day events in Phoenix, AZ. In February I will be involved with SOY ceremonies for Chief of Naval Aviation, Pacific, CNAP and Commander, Naval Surface Forces Pacific, COMNAVSURFPAC, both to be held in San Diego, CA. In April I will attend the Mid-Term NBOD meeting at NHQ. The rest of my schedule is uncertain at this time.

I just finished a tele-conference with Penny Collins, Director-Membership Development and various members of the National Membership Committee. Also in attendance was NP Virgil Courneya and PNP Gary Blackburn, Budget and Finance Chairman. It was an informative discussion. I would advise all Branch Presidents/Membership Chairmen to at least listen in. The foundation of any membership effort is communication.

Again I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your tremendous support. Until the next time, take care of yourselves and recruit, recruit, recruit. With warm regards I remain yours in
Loyalty, Protection and Service,
NVP John D. Ippert