Regional Winners of the 2012 Americanism/Patriotism Contest Announced

PRPNW Ippert

PRPNW John Ippert
Honolulu/Pearl Harbor Branch #46

PRPNW John Ippert (Br #046, Honolulu/Pearl Harbor), NW Regional Americanism/Patriotism essay contest chair has released the NW Regional winners of the 2012 FRA essay contest. The 2012 subject was “What my vote will mean to me?” The first place winners from all grade levels will have their essays forwarded to the National level to compete against the other eight regions of the Fleet Reserve Association.

7th  Grade 1st  Place       Giscelle Rosario            Br 046 – Pearl Harbor
7th  Grade 2nd Place      Olivia Clark                  Br 018 – Seattle
7th  Grade 3rd Place      Maddie Caldwell           Br 063 – Lewiston

8th  Grade 1st Place       Jack Landau                 Br 097 – Whidbey Island
8th  Grade 2nd Place      Sidney Bandy                Br 046 – Pearl Harbor
8th  Grade 3rd Place      Mirella Ramirez             Br 063 – Lewiston

9th  Grade 1st Place       Kyle Obermire              Br 055 – Portland
(Placed First NW Regional and Third Nationally for the 8th grade in 2011)
9th  Grade 2nd Place      Tyler Eguchi                 Br 046 – Pearl Harbor
9th  Grade 3rd Place        Andrew Garcia           Br 104 – Puyallup

10th  Grade 1st Place     Deborah Fuentes         Br 046 – Pearl Harbor
10th  Grade 2nd Place    Rachel Kym                  Br 063 – Lewiston
10th  Grade 3rd Place     Erriel Rollins                 Br 104 – Puyallup

11th  Grade 1st Place      Anika Lovgren              Br 382 – Boise
(Placed Second NW Regional for the 10th grade in 2011)
11th  Grade 2nd Place     Ryan Pitcher                 Br 245 – Bellingham
11th  Grade 3rd Place      Chloe Ward                  Br 046 – Pearl Harbor

12th  Grade 1st Place      Kimberly Teehera       Br 046 – Pearl Harbor
12th  Grade 2nd Place     Jacob Heiteen               Br 055 – Portland
12th  Grade 3rd Place      Jesse Maldonado         Br 063 – Lewiston