A letter from the NW Regional President

RPNW Daniel Holloway Gem State Br#382 Boise, ID 2013-14

RPNW Daniel Holloway
Gem State Br#382
Boise, ID

Greetings Shipmates,

Thank you for electing me to serve as the NW Regional President for the 2013-2014 association year. I will do my best to represent the Branches and Region.  I can be reached by phone and e-mail as needed. I check my mail daily and usually am within range of cell phone service, so don’t hesitate to call if you need my
assistance. I am very interested in what your Branch is doing, so please keep me informed.

I will begin visiting Branches in the spring and am going to visit as many as I can within the lower 48. Unfortunately I will not be able to travel overseas. If your Branch has any particular date you would like me to visit, please let me know as soon as possible.

There are a couple of things I would like the Branches to work on this year;
First is the annual reports. Some of you do a very good job, while others either don’t fill the form out correctly, or don’t send them at all. If you need help finding the forms please let me know, and;
Second thing is credentials for both the Regional and National Conventions. We were missing a lot at both conventions this year. The one main issue I saw with the ones that we did receive is listing a delegate and/or proxy. A Delegate is a member of Your Branch attending the convention, a proxy can be any member of the FRA in good standing attending the convention. Also, if you designate a proxy, please think about instructing them on how your Branch wants them to vote. If you don’t, they will vote according to their own judgment.

As most of you know, Past Regional President John Ippert of Pearl Harbor Branch 46 was elected as National Vice President. He is going to be expending a lot of effort on Membership and Retention. Expect to hear from him. We need to all increase our efforts if we hope to keep the FRA alive and well.

As I am writing this I am waiting for any word from our Shipmates in the Philippines . I will be greatly surprised if none of them need our assistance recovering from the Typhoon. If any of you hear any news please let myself and Shipmate Marty Arnold know.

The following awards for the NW Region were given at the 2013 National Convention in Chattanooga:
Branch #18 – Seattle:

  • 2nd Place Americanism/Patriotism Group 3

Branch #29 – Bremerton:

  • 3rd Place Americanism/Patriotism Group 2

Branch #46 – Honolulu:

  • 1st Place Hospitals, Welfare, & Rehabilitation Group 1
  • 2nd Place Americanism/Patriotism Group 1
  • 2nd Place Public Relations Group 1
  • 3rd Place Youth Activities Group 1

Branch #245 – Bellingham:

  • 3rd Place Americanism/Patriotism Group 5
  • 3rd Place Youth Activities Group 5

The following branches received the 100% retention award for 2012-13 membership year:

  • Branch #83 – San Narsico, PI
  • Branch #111 – Batangas, PI
  • Branch #174 – Sequim
  • Branch #245 – Bellingham
  • Branch #247 – Dagupan City, PI
  • Branch #310 – Silverdale
  • Branch #367 – San Miguel, PI

The following individual awards were presented to Shipmates of the NW Region:
2012-13 Membership Drive 3rd place – S/m Michael Huffman, Yokosuka, Japan Br #103

Gold Lapel Pin

  • S/m Christopher Hunt – Yokosuka, Japan Br #103
  • S/m Alex Bennett – Whidbey Island Br #097
  • S/m Kenneth Nail – Bremerton Br#029

Silver Anchor Award

  • #525 – JJ Wynn – Honolulu/Pearl Harbor Br #046
  • #526 – Roberto Macareag – Dagupan City, PI Br #247

Have a wonderful Holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

In Loyalty, Protection, and Service,
RPNW Dan Holloway
Gem State Branch #382, Boise, ID